Shop Drawings
 Shop Drawings Tavana Group is a skilled and experienced steel shop drawing Services Company provides structural shop drawings, steel shop drawings, steel building shop drawings and fabricated steel shop drawings to US, UK, Canada, Australia and global clients. Shop drawings are drawings, diagrams, schedules and other structural documents specially prepared by structural engineers for the construction work by the contractor or a subcontractor, sub-subcontractor, manufacturer, supplier or distributor to illustrate some portion of the structure work. shop drawings are especially important for when the steelwork is complete and installed for checking on site.

Our Structural Steel Shop Drawings Services Includes:

  • Steel Shop Drawings
  • Columns Shop Drawings
  • Steel Components
  • Windows and Appliances
  • Cabinet Shop Drawings
  • Anchor bolt plan shop drawings
  • Ladder shop drawings
  • Stair Case shop drawings

We have a system that we follow faithfully on all of projects.

  • Generating a model to prepare an ABM within one week or more (depending upon project nature/size) of receipt of the drawings. This can be done in phases on larger projects.
  • Issuing the advance bills in a format readable by Fabtrol to allow customer to start the procurement process.
  • Sharing of the model Viewer/ Snap Short of the 3D Model. It allows customer to monitor the progress and take corrective actions if required. For big project we would like to put people over customer’s place for coordination and checking.
  • Issuing clear RFI’s for items to customer. We are having good RFI format also. We provide consultants with 3 days to answer RFI’s as research is often necessary. We never request for an overnight response as it is virtually impossible with people working on so many projects simultaneously.
  • Incorporating customer’s comments (RFI Reply).
  • Keeping in mind that it is more economical to build shippable assemblies if possible. Stick built might be cheaper to fabricate but if you are the erector this is not always the case. Customer instructions need to be followed in these cases.
  • Working in phases to ensure the work is fabricated in the proper sequence.
  • Taking advantage of duplication. Members in later phases can have the same marks. Some members if slightly different should be forced the same.
  • Issuing drawings for approval complete with Fabtrol reports in the format requested.
  • Editing drawings to suit customer’s system. We minimize views and dimensions but provide RD’s to all holes. No closing dimensions at the end of members.
  • Ensuring that the Fabtrol reports are issued correctly in accordance with instructions from customer.
  • Issuing shop drawings for approval together with GA’s as it is impossible for approvers to review shop drawings without them (GA’s).
  • Issuing drawings in tiff/ PDF/ DWG/DXF format asked by customer.
  • Immediately turning around approvals and issuing them Rev. 0.
  • Issuing part drawings with the shop issue including CNC files used by our plate processors.
  • Issuing the proper Fabtrol reports with the shop issue.
  • Reporting progress weekly to allow us to report at our weekly project meetings.
  • To provide customer with the number of people working on the job weekly to build into scheduling updates